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Drainage Solutions

  • Wet basements and soggy, unusable yards were the norm for the record-breaking rains of 2018.  By implementing various construction techniques, DJA designed plans to remedy these conditions on many properties.


  • From corrective grading around a home to create a positive slope away from the foundation, to elaborate drain systems incorporating buried drain pipes to service downspouts and sump pump discharge outlets to French drains, dry wells and bioretention “Rain Gardens”,  DJA consistently designed systems to eliminate surface water around foundations.


  • Ignoring standing water along a foundation can result in costly repairs including foundation cracks from hydrostatic pressure, mold remediation and damage from flooded basements.


  • As a certified NDS professional drainage contractor, DJA will design a drainage solution to protect your property and landscape.


  • DJA is a certified Permeable Interlocking Concrete Paver (PICP) installer and can incorporate a permeable paver driveway or patio installation into the overall property drainage design.

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